Six years in development, the iCool® has completed Beta Site Testing and is shipping product!

This next generation process cooling technology for the plastics industry was awarded a US Patent on February 14, 2012. With a dynamic process such as injection molding, the amount of heat being extracted from the mold needs to be controlled consistently. Conventional TCU’s control the temperature of the coolant but do not control the flow through the mold.

“It wasn’t the water temperature, it was the flow rate that was causing trouble.” -Ken Johnson, MoldCool USA

The iCool® controls flow and calculates the instantaneous heat exchange rate with the mold using thermodynamic heat exchange formulas. Then using proprietary software adjusts the heat exchange rate as needed to maintain its consistency as the molding process is trending. Huge cycle reductions are available when you are pumping up to three times the coolant through the mold.  In a good mold design 20-50% cycle reductions and even more are feasible.

A Passive Variotherm technique called BoostMold™ is offered to put a customized repeatable timed flow of cooled or heated water through the mold. Cycle reduction of 50% and more with improved visuals are achievable.

StartMold™ allows a second set of temperatures, flows, and a timing function so that favorable start-up conditions can be programmed to hold the mold ready for start-up.

LearnMold™ is a computer enabled utility which senses the size of your mold cooling system and immediately computes the highest flow rate available for your mold at the maximum system pressure limit.

These are the most important info points. (can we say “follow the money”)

  1. For those who have a power company rebate, the rebate will cover over 75% of the purchase price.
  2. The kWh saved annually will yield at a minimum about $5.5K per year. And more can be saved if the calculations used in the testing process yield more. For example the calculations at small New Hampshire custom molder for one of the tests yielded a reduction of 111 kWh annually which at 10 cents a kWh yields $11.1K annually.
  3. The lowered product cost when cycle is reduced 20-50% will in most cases pay the full undiscounted purchase price of an iCool rapidly.
  4. Regulating both the flow rate and the energy exchange rate with the mold instead of just the temperature alone creates a closed zone of operation that is unaffected by the ups and downs of chiller or tower pressure and temperature fluctuations resulting in lower scrap rates and improved repeatability of product dimensions (overall part quality goes up.)
  5. A conventional TCU converts 75% of its horsepower to heat that loads the chiller. Using the 95% pumping efficient gear pump and 100% efficient VFD, this is reduced dramatically with the iCool whilst increasing cooling flow by 2-3 times what you currently use. The waste heat imparted by a conventional TCU is replaced by actual the heat of the molded plastic removed as your cycle is reduced instead by the iCool. Chiller capacity is optimized while at the same time increasing production of higher quality parts.
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