The purpose of this blogging is to familiarize the user with the new technologies developed in the iCOOL® in a series of typical molding scenarios that illustrate how these technologies are typically used.  In order to implement this new technology the inventor had to draw upon years of experience running this type of equipment and put himself in the place of an typical molding room user.  The goal was to find visually familiar user controls set in a graphical touch screen interface and using these and a blend color based indicators, achieve a self explanatory set of controls that are supported by PLC algorithms buried in the real-time PLC which runs in the background.  The three main enabling developments are LearnMold™, StartMold™ and BoostMold™.

Molders today are faced with ever increasing demand for faster cycles and higher productivity.  Most everyone in the business has encountered the following scenario.  Your manager comes to you and says, “we need more production and a cycle reduction would be huge in meeting our customers’ needs and also reducing the cost per part.” See what you can do to lower the cycle by lowering the cooling water temperature.”

You go to the machine, possible spend 2-3 hours of maybe half a day by the time all the product quality checks are complete and find that yes indeed you can lower the cycle time a second. Huge!  But wait. After the mold is stopped for any reason, it is too cold to restart.  You play with the cooling water temperatures and only through a two step process where start with a warmer temperature and then change to the colder temperature shortly after startup can you get the mold to restart.

You bring this to management and find,  no……..they cannot implement this procedure.  It’s too complex and technical for the operators to do and will cause potential mold damage due to starting difficulties.

StartMold™ was invented for just this problem. StartMold™ allows a second set of temperatures, flows, and a timing function so that these favorable start-up conditions can be programmed to hold the mold ready for start-up.  Upon sensing that the machine has been put into “Automatic”, the preset time you have programmed into the StartMold™ timer begins a countdown to Run mode.

StartMold™ enables you to run colder water and still reliably restart your mold with typical molding room operator staffing because the procedure is automated!


Again, Molders today are faced with demand for faster cycles and higher productivity.  BoostMold™ is a completely new technology to allow significantly colder cooling to be applied without overcooling the mold. It has been found through crude chiller only based valve cooling systems that chilled water delivered in short durations can accelerate the rate of heat removal from the molded part.  The off flow time allows a soaking to occur that thermally equalizes the mold cavity steel.

These valve only systems can only use direct chilled water and so are limited to this.  Also they require a sensor located in the mold or at the mold in order to operate.  The ICOOL® bring the sophistication of a computer driven positive displacement pump to precisely control short blasts of timed cooling to the mold.  These timed cooling packets can be precisely positioned on the graphical user interface to coincide precisely cycle to cycle with the delivery of the plastic melt into the cavity.

Unlike older valve technology that is limited to the pressures and temperatures available from the central chiller,  these precision timed packets can be of any temperature, flow rate, and time duration desired by the user.  A true innovation! With valve technology you have only extreme cold water to work with.  And we all know how central chillers can vary in pressure and flow due to the demands placed by changing molding systems all the time.  These variability’s are now gone with the iCOOL®.

One of the biggest initial barriers to easy utility for the use of any fixed displacement pump is that they are very unforgiving when their flow is restricted. Picture yourself setting up a temperature control unit on a molding system based on a 300 or 400 ton press. The mold is large and fills the platens. The product allows a robust large cooling line design. This cooling line arrangement is relatively unrestricted.

If you have a variable speed motor running a positive displacement pump,  the flow rate can reach some level and the pressure developed at this speed will max out at some level based on the restriction of this particular mold setup.  Now we do what always happens in molding. This job finishes and the equipment is moved to another molding press.  But this one is a 100 ton machine with a much smaller mold with much more restricted passageways.  If you turn on the motor at the same speed used previously with such a restricted mold the pressure will build possibly to the point of over pressurizing the mold, breaking waterlines, and busting internal mold seals not intended for such high pressures.

LearnMold™ was developed to manage this problem. LearnMold™ is a computer enabled utility which is embedded in the PLC logic that senses the size of your mold cooling system and immediately computes the highest flow rate available for your mold at the maximum system pressure limit. It runs in the background and can sense when the iCOOL® has been moved to a new molding system.  Upon sensing the change it forces a recalibration at start-up the takes less than thirty seconds to complete.

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