Again, Molders today are faced with demand for faster cycles and higher productivity.  BoostMold™ is a completely new technology to allow significantly colder cooling to be applied without overcooling the mold. It has been found through crude chiller only based valve cooling systems that chilled water delivered in short durations can accelerate the rate of heat removal from the molded part.  The off flow time allows a soaking to occur that thermally equalizes the mold cavity steel.

These valve only systems can only use direct chilled water and so are limited to this.  Also they require a sensor located in the mold or at the mold in order to operate.  The ICOOL® bring the sophistication of a computer driven positive displacement pump to precisely control short blasts of timed cooling to the mold.  These timed cooling packets can be precisely positioned on the graphical user interface to coincide precisely cycle to cycle with the delivery of the plastic melt into the cavity.

Unlike older valve technology that is limited to the pressures and temperatures available from the central chiller,  these precision timed packets can be of any temperature, flow rate, and time duration desired by the user.  A true innovation! With valve technology you have only extreme cold water to work with.  And we all know how central chillers can vary in pressure and flow due to the demands placed by changing molding systems all the time.  These variability’s are now gone with the iCOOL®.

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