Molders today are faced with ever increasing demand for faster cycles and higher productivity.  Most everyone in the business has encountered the following scenario.  Your manager comes to you and says, “we need more production and a cycle reduction would be huge in meeting our customers’ needs and also reducing the cost per part.” See what you can do to lower the cycle by lowering the cooling water temperature.”

You go to the machine, possible spend 2-3 hours of maybe half a day by the time all the product quality checks are complete and find that yes indeed you can lower the cycle time a second. Huge!  But wait. After the mold is stopped for any reason, it is too cold to restart.  You play with the cooling water temperatures and only through a two step process where start with a warmer temperature and then change to the colder temperature shortly after startup can you get the mold to restart.

You bring this to management and find,  no……..they cannot implement this procedure.  It’s too complex and technical for the operators to do and will cause potential mold damage due to starting difficulties.

StartMold™ was invented for just this problem. StartMold™ allows a second set of temperatures, flows, and a timing function so that these favorable start-up conditions can be programmed to hold the mold ready for start-up.  Upon sensing that the machine has been put into “Automatic”, the preset time you have programmed into the StartMold™ timer begins a countdown to Run mode.

StartMold™ enables you to run colder water and still reliably restart your mold with typical molding room operator staffing because the procedure is automated!


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