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Intelligent Controls

  • Siemens PLC controls and industrial touch screen computer interface.
    • The technology is in the background > easy to understand graphic displays and “wizard” type interfaces.
    • The user works on optimizing cooling, not learning computer technology.
  • Variable Frequency (VFD) Control provides real time control of actual Flow Rate
    • Delivers precise amount of cooling, exactly when needed
    • Closed loop correction for any change in BTU removal- per cycle.
    • Process stability or fluctuations clearly visible.
  • Three layer, hybrid control system:
    • Layer 1: Temperature. Maintain to within 0.1 °C
    • Layer 2: Flow Rate: Control for any change in supply pressure or chiller load
    • Layer 3: Thermal energy balancing, to minimize any variation, per cycle
  • Designed for the shop floor:
    • Simple, clear display information for daily use.
    • Built in safety systems
  • Cooling history is tracked, displayed and can be documented.
  • LearnMold™ function learns the optimum flow range for every mold set up
    • Ensures that every set up is optimized and within safe pressure ranges
    • Eliminates guesswork at set up.
    • Alarms if flow or pressure traits appear to be abnormal.
  • Integrated safety features alarm and /or shut down if necessary with contact closure signaling if iCool® is running ok.

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