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iCool®  Controllers use technology to deliver the most energy efficient cooling available. Flow rates are tuned to each mold and the turbulent flow is ensured resulting in the most effective cooling possible.


  • Eliminates wasted energy usage inherent with centrifugal pumps
  • LearnMold™ function provides most efficient cooling profile for each mold/machine set up.
  • Thermal balancing removes precise amount of energy every cycle.
  • Ensured Turbulent Flow
  • Flow Rates maintained regardless of changes in supply pressure which isolates mold cooling from central supply fluctuations.
  • BoostMold™ Passive Variotherm cooling allows for an optional programmable pulsed cooling profile.
  • StartMold™ function eliminates over-cooling during stoppages.
    • Faster re-starts , even for molds with difficult start-ups
    • Less energy wasted and fewer scrapped parts.
  • Fail safe- automatic shutdown - can be integrated with molding system controls to signal for cooling system down.
  • Data can be saved to a time line or cycle time on a shot by shot basis.
    • Link to any DAQ system via Industrial Ethernet connection using OPC.
    • Link up to four iCool® units and remote any one from any other so that one screen can be mounted at the molding machine power panel.
  • iCool® has flexible output to flow up to two to three times the cooling flow through your mold.


  • Mold thermal exchange rate control.
  • Displays actual energy exchange in BTUs/sec.
  • Up to 150 psi/10 bar differential pressure available.
  • StartMold™: programmable start-up and stoppage assist.
  • LearnMold™: process optimization and monitoring.
  • BoostMold™ passive Variotherm PLC machine based equivalent of boosted pulsed cooling with thermal energy exchange rate control.
  • Closed loop controlled flow rate 100ms response.
  • Siemens Industrial PC with touch screen.
  • Siemens PLC based closed loop controls.
  • High efficiency 5 HP motor.
  • Siemens Vector variable frequency drive.
  • Viega Stainless press fit steel piping and components.
  • Dual mechanical/electrical over-pressure safety systems.
  • Automatic hose blow off detection and shut down.
  • Micro-bubble air separator to remove mold air pockets.
  • Water temp control to +/-0.1⁰C.
  • Built in tankless water heater with static thermal mixer.
  • 18 KW heating capacity at 240 or 480V.
  • Service temperature 35°-200°F/2°-92°C .
  • Dual filtration: 130 mesh and 20 mesh.
  • 208V/220V/400V/460V/480V (50/60 Hz).
  • CE Marked and UL certified Panel.


iCool® Controllers utilize controls technology to manage thermal energy, providing the most aggressive and most cost effective cooling available. The simplicity of our system is that it does NOT require sensors in the mold to measure temperature, pressure and such. All the iCool® requires is the clamp close signal and the manual/auto signal from the robot interface or machine panel.

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