Six years in development the iCool® has completed Beta Site Testing and is now shipping product!

iCool Back View 2This next generation process cooling technology for the plastics industry was awarded a US Patent on February 14, 2012. Beta testing at local custom molder, PolyJect, on four different molding systems averaged over 30% cycle reduction. Reductions in scrap parts were also achieved and factored into the electrical energy savings calculations for Eversource Power (Public Service Company of NH). Based on higher pumping efficiency, cycle reduction, scrap savings; the power companies Eversource and Unitil have granted a rebate up to 75% of the purchase price over conventional temperature control units.

With a dynamic process such as injection molding the amount of heat being extracted from the mold needs to be controlled consistently. Conventional TCU’s control the temperature of the coolant but do not control the flow through the mold. Most everyone in the plastics industry knows that flow rate is very important but have no way to control it precisely other than to monitor it as it fluctuates and make manual adjustments. The iCool® controls the flow…….calculates the instantaneous heat exchange rate with the mold using thermodynamics heat exchange formulas, and then using proprietary software adjusts the heat exchange rate as needed to maintain its consistency as the molding process is trending.

Using computer controlled pump metering a boosted passive Variotherm technique called BoostMold™ is offered to put a customized repeatable timed flow of cooled or heated water through the mold. Graphic screens show mold open and close and an overlay of the boosted flow curve so that the initiation of a timed boosted flow can be anywhere in the overall cycle time of the mold. BoostMold™ is highly energy efficient using our proven iCool® technology as a foundation. BoostMold™ can put 2-3 times the flow of cooling over a conventional pumping system and whilst doing it use less electrical energy. BoostMold™ also controls the energy exchange rate with the mold while doing it. If you want repeatability while performing boosted passive Variotherm, there is no product on the market that can deliver what the iCool® technology has to offer.

From conception, the iCool® has been designed to be a controller for someone who lives in the plastics molding room trenches. Ergonomics, easily understood controls……little things, like a feature to allow the technician to blow out the mold water at the end of the run into a typical five gallon plastic bucket available at any Home Depot.

ergonomics illustrationdrainageunit full 1

The first iCool® units sold starting last quarter 2014 were awarded full rebates by PSNH Power Company for documented electrical energy savings at the customer. Power Company rebates may be available in your area for qualifying molding systems.

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