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iCool® improves control of mold cooling and reduces operating costs

  • Fixed displacement gear pump delivers a controllable output.
    • Gear Pump output determined by RPM.
      • Maintains desired differential pressure regardless of restrictions.
      • Independent of supply pressure variations
      • Constructed with stainless for corrosion free operation.
      • Long life, low maintenance.
    • Up to 95% Efficiency with minimum wasted heat generation and vibration.
      • Reduces load on central chiller system.
  • VFD Control of pump speed provides direct control of Flow Rates:
    • Enables iCool®’s three layers of control for cooling by true thermal balancing rather than just circulating water at a given temperature.
    • Turbulent flow ensured with differential mold water pressures to 150 psi.
    • Speed control allows programmed, profiled pulse cooling.
  • Flexible deployment: iCool® Controller matches loads from ½ HP to 10HP.

iC2015 graph 1 2015 pump illustration 2015 Process Screen  


iCool®'s 'Speed Controlled' fixed displacement pump provides
precise flow rates with least waste of electrical power

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